Christmas pack 1h "Pilot" tour starting from Eze Village

Spécial Discount Christmas
Video +  certificate included.

Date of validity: 30th march 2018.

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Pack content

1 x Ferrari tour "Driver" Eze Village

Available all year round.
Have a great ride along the mountains of the middle and high Corniche coast roads. You will drive the mythic Ferrari !
Enjoy an exhilarating sensation for 15mn, 30mn or 1-hour driving next to your professional instructor in a convertible Ferrari F430. Pleasure and adrenaline guaranteed!
Address : FRAGONARD PERFUMERIE, 158 avenue de Verdun F-06360 Eze Village.

1 x Option Driving experience certificate

At the end of your baptism you will be given the degree of Ferrari driving personalized with your name and date of your experience.

1 x Video of your drive

An onboard camera is located at the rear of the car
It records the ride that you made you filming at the wheel of the Ferrari in the trajectories, shifting, acceleration and braking. You will also hear the roar of the V8 !

60 minutes

269,00 €

Reduced price!

-167,00 €

436,00 €

Texte pour le départ de Eze Village en anglais : « Have a great drive by the ills on the Moyenne and Grande corniches roads Enjoy an exhilarating 15mn, 30mn or 1-hour drive at the wheel of a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider sports car in Eze Village. Pleasure and adrenaline guaranteed! The departure is from the Fragonard perfume factory, 158 avenue de Verdun 06360 Eze Village"
"More information » : Imagine yourself on the roads of the French Riviera. You will experience new sensations on the open road while enjoying the sun of the Côte d'Azur. You drive on roads leading you to exceptional views of the Mediterranean coastline.
Come and enjoy driving this Italian convertible and see unique panoramas of South of France. Programs : corniches, winding roads and beautiful straight lines in favor of acceleration. A wonderful ride awaits you to discover the pleasure of driving a luxury car.
You can get a video souvenir of your Ferrari Experience on request, or receive a Ferrari Experience Certificate to take home as gift at the end of your tour. Please check the options.

Your Ferrari drive

  • Welcome by our professional instructor.
  • You then attend a briefing during which you will see: the driving position, the steering handle, trajectories, acceleration, braking, gear shifting and safety. You also discover the route you will take.
  • You finally climb aboard your F430 Spider with your instructor.


Programs established or proposed after the selected time:

15min tours :

  • The Grande corniche with an exceptionnel panorama of the Côte d'Azur
  • The Moyenne corniche with beautiful panoramic roads


The price includes:

  • The fuel
  • The Insurance


What you have to know

The original driver's license valid will be required on the day of the tour.

Options :


During your ride, a camera records every moment of your adventure.
Relive your movie experience and share it with your family and your friends.


Leave with your drive certificate, an unforgettable experience!

Opportunities to offer:

  • A dream
  • A birthday
  • A wedding
  • A bachelor girl or boy


Exceptional requests:

If you have a special demand , please contact us to let us know of your proposal, we will also guide you and together create a memorable souvenir Example: particular route

Ferrari F430 Spider

The Ferrari 430 Spider is equipped with 8-cylinder V engine of new generation. It is recognized with its streamlined look and its two large elliptical air intakes that allow better cooling of the whole.
The convertible version based largely on the Formula 1 is made of aluminum and has only been strengthened during production to ensure optimum safety on board.
The F430 Spider is powered by 490 horsepower that can exceed the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 310 km / h!

How to order?

Select your Ferrari ride , the departure place and the time and click on "choose a time" then select the date and half day you would like.
Upon purchase of your Ferrari ride, we will contact you within 48 hours in order to specify the exact time of departure of your tour in half a day requested.
Otherwise, we will propose you a new time ,priority on the same day or possibly another date. If this does not suit you, you may cancel your order and receive your refund in its entirety.
To purchase a gift certificate, the beneficiary has a period of 6 months from the date indicated on the voucher to book his tour. Reservations can be made by phone at +33 6 11 52 31 51 or by email at
In case of bad weather or wet roads the day of the booking, we will contact you to reschedule you. In this case if the voucher date is exceeded, we will accept the booking until the next reservation.

Can I change my dates?

We understand that you may have to modify your program once you arrive at your destination.

No worries.

Once your booking is confirmed, you'll print a mail with all the details of the booking, including the phone number of our interlocutor planning. You can call directly for any questions or request for change of date of last minute. We will try to respond to your request within the limits of available seats

Contact us

Our hotline is available from 9am to 8pm (French time) 7/7.

Phone:+33 (0)6 11 52 31 51

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